Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunset @ Anyer, Indonesia

Last week, 21 June 09, we went to Anyer (Banten, Indonesia) for surveying Hotel.
Below are pictures at Anyer when sunset

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cat with love....

I really hate this cat, since she ate my dinner... anyway because of that every time i see this cat, i want to chase her (i'm sorry for cat's lover).
but one day i saw she played with her catty, i was amazed... even an animal can have a love with their kids.. and play with their kids.. it's a fun to see they playing.. :)

Let's show our love to each other, so our earth will be peaceful..

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Enjoy it free... anywhere.. anytime..

No any intention to put uncensored picture, i just want to share it..
last year 2008 20 March, me and my friend went to Sukabumi and have fun with rafting,
we found the free and happy small kids, that playing and swimming in a wallow or river side..
they really enjoy it... even in my mind i will never want to do it.. since i think the water is no clean..
i took several picture... :P

they never worry or fear of anything... just enjoy the life.
as our life is a gift let us enjoy ur life with full of thankfull...

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