Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GreenCanyon, West Java

We have a trip to GreenCanyon last December 2009, a great view of river with green colors.
GreenCanyon located in West Java around 30km from Pangandaran Beach.
Below is the pictures taken in there... awesome place...
We have to use small canoe ship to reach the cave, not really a cave but a narrow high wall,
to reach there we used the canoe into an area and after that we have to swim, at that time the streams down was very strong, maybe at the morning it was raining, but the challenge was very fun. we did crawling beside of the wall and reach until quite deep in the cave, but due to the strong stream we can't go further.
in the cave we also can jump from 4 meters big stone into the stream. Really challenging and unforgettable experience to jump from the stone....

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