Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monument of Jogja Kembali

Monument of "Jogja Kembali" was built on 29 June 1985 in order to commemorate historical events of the national struggle.
At 1 March 1949 in almost 6 hours, Indonesian army struggling to re-claim Yogjakarta from Dutch troop. Yogjakarta at that time still as state capital.
This battle was initial authentication to the Internatial that Indonesia National Army still had power to fight and claim that Republic of Indonesia still exists.
Inside of the Monument areas, there's a wall containing 420 names of the strugglers who died between 19 December 1948 and 29 June 1949 and the poem entitled Karawang Bekasi by Chairil Anwar that is intended for unknown patriots.
In the museum there's replicas, photographs, documents, diorama, various types of weapons, a common kitchen in the evocative atmosphere of the war of independence 1945-1949.
Below is the pictures.

Heroes who died between 19 December 1948 and 29 June 1949.

Quiet Room/Hall

Replicas and weapons

Proclamation of Independence 1945

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