Friday, August 13, 2010

Tjong A Fie House

Tjong A Fie House, located at Ahmad Yani Road, Kesawan, Medan (North Sumatra), was built at around 1900, nowadays already became Tjong A Fie Memorial Institute also known ad Tjong A Fie Mansion.
This house opened for public at 18 June 2009 to commemorate Tjong A Fie 150th birthday.

Built with combination of China, Europe and Malaccan design/architecture, this house fill with historical items from Tjong A Fie.

Tjong A Fie known as a famous business man, he was contributing in development of Deli Tua now is Medan.

He has 3 principle: Honest, Loyalty and united, during his business he applied his principle, even with his workers.

He also share 5% of profit to all his workers.
During his lifetime, he contributed a lot of things especially to Medan.

Below is the picture of Tjong A Fie house, we have captured it at June when we stayed at Medan.

Tjong A Fie House
Tjong A Fie House
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