Monday, December 22, 2008

Thousand islands (pulau seribu)

At 27-28 Oct 2006, i had a change to go to Thousand island, located around 45 km north from Jakarta (Java island), it's kind a great adventure with all my friends, at 06:00 AM we did go to Muara Angke a traditional harbor (very small one :P), my friends and me around 15 people with full enthusiasm we go to pulau Seribu (thousand island), a round 2-3 hours sea trip from Muara Angke to pulau Pramuka (Pramuka island), the capital of Thousand island, this island is a civilization and region goverment office. One thing during the sea trip is the people of the thousand island is very familiar, kind and nice.

After reaching Pramuka island, we went to home stay that we already booked before, 1 night price at that time was around 300k IDR, after taking a rest and having some meals, we prepare to travel again.... renting 1 small ship, we travel and have snorkling to several islands around Pramuka island.

Also in the Pramuka island there is a sea turle conservation.. 

other Thousand islands pictures just check it..

what a great islands in Indonesia. very glad to ever go to here.. and someday i'll go back to here again... explore other areas that we missed last time :)   

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