Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Filling form and the truly dream

By today, i can fill my form. Minimum age requirement to fill form 24 years old is fulfilled today.
Form that will be submitted to church, so there will be a priest that will pray for my form for my soul mate(still don't know yet who is she).
This form thing(soul mate) is not really my first wish.. but also i hope for it too :P, i have an introspection this morning, whether my life already make my God proud or regret to has me in this world.
And i realized that my God is never and never regret to has a son like me.
He never wrong to choose me as His son, and i now know the truly dream that i have to reach more and more is i can enjoy the God's mercy, God's best bless, God's way/vision, God's unconditional love and all whole thing that God's already set it up for me.
For now on i will learn to live in Your way stay focus to You.
Maybe there will be many challenges and maybe i can fail too, but I'll never surrender for all of that challenges.
Other hope is my family can feel and receive Jesus love in their life. and i believe i can have a better not only better but best life, keeping increasing and moving forward and become more excellent in everything i do.

After all i would to Thank you to my God, Jesus i love you. You are the best that happen in my life.
Thank you Lord, and sorry for sometimes disappointing You.

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