Monday, November 9, 2009

Korea, Seoul - Part 1

We did departure from Jakarta to Seoul at 14 Oct 2008 21:30.
Ontime flight with KAL (Korean Air Lines),

on the plane there's two option for dinner, chicken or bibimbap?

as far as i heard that Korean Air Lines bibimbap is very famous, so i decided to have it... yummy...

yes.. the rumors is true.. it's taste very delicious....
we arrived at Seoul 07:00 - 15 Oct 2008, after get down from plane, as usual health check up, immigration and baggage.
we have to wait for Vietnam's guys at gate 12 since we already ordered to wait for them.. after they arrived we took bus 6005 and towards Seoul's downtown, bus stopped at Vabien and fortunately already near our hotel, we stayed at Fraser place a serviced residence.
The hotel can check in at 14:00 and the still showing at 11:00, nothing to do? i don't think so, after having a cup of tea and leaving our stuff in hotel we went out from the hotel, just brought 1 map for our guide..
we go to downtown of Seoul... the weather was quite cold.. around 15 degrees.
it's autumn season now... my boss n friend said that the best time to Korea is at this season..
it's very beautiful at this time..
after walking around 15 minutes we found Deoksugung Palace

Uhm... after walking around and already lunch time, every one agreed to have a lunch,
we just pick random Korean restaurant.
We had Bulgogi and Kimchichige for our lunch... :P
I love this food... very.. delicious and good...

after having lunch, we took a walk to cheonggye stream, a good city landmark here, created by the goverment.. instead keeping building fly over in the town, the goverment created 1 places with flowing river on it... and now become very famous place for tourist and residents..

for more detail check here...!!
we went directly to hotel after taking several pictures here...
have a rest and prepare for night meeting...
We (me and my colleague) did have a change to come here for workshop from our company (RNI - Real Networks Indonesia)....

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