Thursday, April 8, 2010

Temple Gayatri

Last month, we went to Temple Gayatri at Cilangkap - Bogor.
a different concept of temple, commonly temple is only for praying and doing religion activity.
but in here beside of praying, visitor can swim in a pond (they believe in swimming in the pond can have a good luck and other good thing), refreshing with a great landscape and good air because of a lot of trees.
This temple can be reached from Jakarta, exit Cibinong and after that towards Cimanggis, and after that looking for "Jalan Puter'. It's easy usually peoples there already knew "7 Sumur Vihara".
The temple consists of several building like pagodas.

Pond for taking a bath from well..

here also has a nursery selling a various of plants.. and found a beautiful orchids here

Fish ponds...

Thank you

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