Monday, April 26, 2010

Vredeburg Fort, Yogyakarta

The Fortress was built in 1765 by Dutch Goverment, the Fort was used to resist from Kraton of Yogyakarta and protect Dutch Governor. Now the fortress already become a museum and in some buildings in the fortress there are dioramas on Indonesian history.
The Fort is surrounded by a trench that is still visible. This square-shaped fortress has a watchtower at each of its four corners.
Originally it was named "Fortress Rustenburg" which mean "resting castle", and the at around 1765 - 1788 the building was renovated and enhanced then was renamed as "Fort Vredeburg" which means Fortress of Peace.
This Building is located in front of Gedung Agung, one of seven presidential palaces in Indonesia and the Sultan Palace called Kraton. The Building also very near with Malioboro road.

Gedung Agung picture at afternoon..

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