Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tikalong Trip, Chapter - 2

Next day in the trip (13 Oct 2007) Saturday at the morning, there was a gathering, every student from the schools (kindergarten, primary school, junior high school) were gathered together in the church's Hall.

Every student gave their best in singing, choir song.. what a great and wonderful song.
and as a gift from us, a bag with stationery. Thanks for the enthusiasm.
Thank you SD/SMP Kristen Filadelfia.

After lunch team was divided in 3 teams, 1 team to Maria Village, 1 team stay in Tikalong, and the other to Samantakin village. I was in team to Samantakin, the village can be reached only by walking around 2 hours, passing the forest, swamp and clay.

At night at Samantakin village, with a limited light (no electric line) and a lot of night insects, all villagers with full enthusiasm following our session, one of the session was a game which was building a tower with straws, this game talked about creativity and team work. A session was shared too, so every villages, every people can work together helping and no any quarel/fight each other.

At Sunday (13 Oct 07), praise and worship services at the village, in a school building (not as good as in Tikalong), and i was amazed by the enthusiasm of the children there, there still enthusiasm to follow the praise and worship.

After the morning praise and worship service, we did prepare to go back to Tikalong, i really miss the sauce that was made by the wife of the village's pastor.
At last, a lot of Thank you for the experience we have here, we learn about the simple, humble, enthusiasm and homely life. We never forget this village, and hope the best will coming soon to this village, also hope every child in this village can get an education.
Then... 2 hours happy walking back to Tikalong, great travel again.

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Kana Mulya said...

comment: the people are so simple..
Saya punya seorang teman yg berasal dari sana. Foto2 diatas mengingatkan saya pada teman saya tersebut. Seorang yg sangat sederhana, rendah hati,tulus& baik hati. Semoga akan muncul pemimpin2 baru yg takut akan Alah dari tikalong. Jesus Bless tikalong... :)