Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tikalong Trip, Chapter - 1

Trip to Tikalong happened from 12 - 18 October 2007, already more than 1 years, But this trip still impress my heart and i think in my heart there is already a place for Tikalong.
Tikalong is a village in west Kalimantan (Indonesia), we reach Pontianak - capital city of west Kalimantan at 12 Oct 2007 09:00, team from Jakarta total 12 peoples.
From Pontianak we have to go to Pinyuh a small town it took around 1 hour to reach there. Then from Pinyuh directly to Tempoak village it took 1.5 hour, the trip until Tempoak was using small mini bus (below picture :D).

The challenging part was going to begin... after reaching Tempoak village, the bus has to stop and the trip to Tikalong will by walking or riding motor cycle.

At that time there was only several motor cycle that was used.. so several guys have to walk, by walking it took around 2 hours and by motor cycle around 45 minutes. So i did decide to walk, the air there is very clean and fresh
You will never find it at town, really a fresh air, came in my lung, clean all polutant from my body.... :P. I really enjoy this walking trip even tough there was a heavy rain happened, so after getting wet for more than 1 hour i reached Tikalong village, in my mind i never imagined that in a small village inside of Borneo Forest, i can see a big school building, a big church with big hall in there. Also on progress to build dormitory building for the students and lectures.

what surprise things in next day?? will post it soon in Chapter - 2 Tikalong Trip


Insight Inspire said...

Wonderfull place, i'm looking at the photo the sky is so clean n blue.. not like jakarta full of polutant. let me know about the people as like people say 'Dayak'? how about they do?
after you came to this place, what this people need? sample book for school, knowlegde about the business/ farm etc.
when will you come to this place again?

Darwin Arif Wijaya said...

Yes, You will find a great air there, but the main course of this trip is not only having fresh air, but you will learn that nothing is impossible a lot of miracles and how great is our God.
Mostly of the villagers are farmers. They used to burn forest to open new farming land (i really disagree this).
Education is the main factor here, books, training or knowledge and of course fund is important here.
If you want you can be a part to for helping some kids education by supporting scholar ship for them.
when will i come again to this place, still don't know yet, but i just believe someday i'll be there again. :)