Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tikalong Trip, Chapter - 3

The rest of the day in
Tikalong was filled with playing with Tikalong kids/guys, playing in the river (first time swim in river :P).

also we have visited some villagers house have a chit-chat with them, went to old Tikalong school before the new one, visit the kindergarten school building. so for the entire 1 week, i really enjoyed staying here. Also below attached the picture of Tikalong scenery.

so what is left in Tikalong?
what is the vision in there?
what is still hidden there?


Kana Mulya said...

comment: it's a beautiful place, hope i have the chance to go seems nice :)

Darwin Arif Wijaya said...

yes.. some day you have to go there. :)